Getting Around Downtown Halifax

Halifax, like most Canadian towns, is primarily a car city. With broad streets, wide thoroughfares and ample pavement, the car is the best way to get around. Persons with driver's licenses from first-world nations that drive on the right side of the road will generally have their driver's licenses honored, and persons from nations like England or Japan may take some simple tests to prove they can drive Canadian cars properly. There are a large number of local and international auto rental companies located in Halifax, primarily around the airport, creating a competitive market and a large number of opportunities for those who would like to rent a car.

For those not interested in renting a car, there are a number of public transportation options. Halifax is home to a modern bus system which accesses most of the city, and tickets may be purchased on the bus or at larger bus stations. They can also be purchased online. Persons who will be riding the bus a lot may purchase day or week passes, and routes are publicly posted and easily available. While there is no domestic train service, several Canadian railway companies operate passenger transit to and from Halifax. The large size of the city also means that it is home to a number of cab companies, all of whom can be hired curbside or by placing a reservation.

In recent years, Halifax has made an effort to become more pedestrian and bike friendly. Sidewalks have been improved and widened where possible, and crosswalks have been made easier and more convenient. Pedestrian overpasses are becoming more common, especially over or under major roads, making it easier to walk through the downtown area. Bikes are permitted on sidewalks in the outlying areas, but must ride on the streets elsewhere. There are few bike lanes, but this is being expanded. Recently, more open areas with available park streets and recreational areas have been opened up to be more bike friendly.


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