Shopping in Downtown Halifax

Those visiting Halifax, Nova Scotia should take time to enjoy the waterfront. Besides fine dining options, the area has great shopping opportunities. The waterfront continues in nearby Dartmouth across the McDonald Bridge. On the Dartmouth side of the bridge, visitors can bear right on Windmill Road. The area including Alderney Drive and Portland Street has many stores and boutiques.

Bible Treasury Bookstore

This bookstore is full of books, gifts and Christian literature on all types of topics from Bible to health. Located on Queens Street, they have a good selection of children's gifts and books as well. The business also conducts a successful mail order operation that serves customers across Canada and the United States.

Fisher's Stationery Ltd.

This attractive store has a lovely layout with a tremendous supply of stationery and paper of every type. Envelopes have a wall section, and other letter writing and office items are arranged beautifully. Art supplies are also in stock and on display. The shop is perfect for personal supplies and purchasing gifts.

Morrigan LaFay's Mystical Gifts

This one-of-a-kind boutique on Alderney Street has gifts, crafts, and art with medieval and Gothic themes. An accessory and fashion shop, it features works by local artists and artisans in a variety of genres and art styles. The store has something for everyone, and is a fascinating place to browse.

Radical Concepts

This little shop on Portland Street is a laid-back curio shop with a definite eclectic mix of items for sale from cigars to clothing. Opened in 1985, the store has evolved continually and the merchandise rotates, but it always has an interesting mix of items for sale.

Uptown Girl Fashion Boutique

A women's fashion store located on Portland Street, the Uptown Girl Fashion Boutique is a spotless, attractive retail and consignment shop with a variety of clothing styles from vintage to contemporary. All sizes are well-represented. The shop has an elegant atmosphere, and the garments are classy.


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